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Turning lathe is a type of versatile machine to complete a variety of operations on workpieces, to produce different details and change the dimensions, here we’ll introduce what is grooving operation in lathe, how to choose and set up the grooving tool, difference between groove and slot, and how to groove on CNC lathe.

Grooving is a type of specific turning option that cut grooves or forms a narrow cavity of a certain depth on external, internal surfaces, cylinder, cone, or a face of the part (face grooving or trepanning). Grooving is a machining process performed on CNC lathes, the shape of grooves or the majority of grooves will be related to the cutting tool shape. There are three typical types of groove: OD grooves, ID grooves and face grooves, which affects the use of the grooving tool.Milling is the manufacturing of metal products using inserts to remove material from a workpiece. The variety of shapes and sizes determines the cutting or removal of these materials from the object. This is why the quality of inserts are as important to the machinery as well as the workpiece.Even in deep drilling with single-lip drills, both when boring and drilling, the trend is moving towards tools with indexable inserts. The range of advantages is vast compared to soldered tools, with improvements in bore quality and performance being particularly noticeable.The gear shift knob in a manual transmission equipped car or light truck is the large knob, usually made of plastic, that attaches to the top of the gear shift lever. Over time the surface of the knob can wear and you might wish to replace it to spruce up the interior of your vehicle. Many aftermarket manufactures offer specialty gear shift knobs. Some of these are made out of exotic materials such as leather or billet aluminum. Some companies offer novelty gear shift knobs for owners who want to personalize the interiors of their vehicles.

Locate the gear shift knob attaHardwoods make the best choice for knife scales because they are durable. They can maintain thin sections and fine curves like flutes and finger grooves without chipping, splintering, or breaking. When selecting a wood, look for close-grained options that will resist staining and contamination.